Top 10 prizes to get at a kids parties

Top 10 prizes to get at a kids party

Hi there! Find out the Top 10 prizes to get at a kids party and surprise all your little guests with great prizes. I am sure they will never forget your party! I suggest you have a look at these clowns for hire. They are just awesome to deal with your party entertainment. Do not forget to have a look at our previous posts too, such as birthday activities for boys and girls and preparing yummy sandwiches for a kids party.

Top 10 prizes to get at a kids party: Surprise your kids!

If you are going to give a children’s party and have some games and competitions in mind, then you really have to be attentive to this post. We will give you the Top 10 prizes to get at a kids party, so you can surprise the little ones with great prizes. Take a look!Top 10 prizes to get at a children's party


Are you thinking of making bag races, or something like that? Then a great option is to make a bottle with a custom label. You can also put some tapes or ties, which give a special charm to your prize.

If you are giving a pirate themed party, you can fill the bottles with chocolate or gums. The idea is that the bottle becomes very colorful. You can always customize the bottles with pictures and drawings of party characters like Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Anna, Olaf, or others.10 prizes to get at a kids parties


As a reward for some of the games, you can offer a customized School case with pencils, pens, erasers, brushes, paints, gouache, colored pencils, ruler, square, among others.

You can choose also to offer a lunch box with drawings of the characters in your party. Mostly girls love this kind of stuff.10 prizes to get at a kids party


It is very important that children learn that they should be concerned with the environment, and nothing like a party to instill the naturalist spirit in children. Therefore, an excellent prize is an eco bag, so that they carry their stuff!

Don’t you think these prizes are just great? And you do not need to spend a lot of money purchasing them! Read on our Top 10 prizes to get at a kids party. 

  • COLOURFUL – All children love to paint, so one of the best prizes that you can offer are coloring books and some crayons.
  • CHOCOLATE – What child does not like chocolate? Buy a chest and chocolate coins. Put the coins into the chest and make a treasure hunt with it. The prize of those who find will be the chest. They will love!Top 10 prizes to get at a kids parties
  • PLAYLIST – Buy a CD of children’s songs. It could serve as a prize for a karaoke competition, or choreography. This is undoubtedly one of the best prizes of our Top 10 prizes to get at a kids party. 
  • TOILETRIES – A bag with toiletries for children is also an excellent idea. Place a moisturizer, alcohol gel, liquid soap, and if you want you can add a perfume.
  • ECONOMY – Teach the little ones to save money by offering as a prize a piggy bank with the characters of the party Top 10 prizes to get at a kids party
  • BEACH – Offer a beach kit with a towel, slippers, a bucket and a shovel. Enjoy that summer has come and give a helping hand to other parents.
  • TO PLAY – Cannot miss the small pasta kits to model, which make the biggest hit with the kids.

Hope you enjoy our Top 10 prizes to get at a kids party. Have fun, and do not forget: be happy! 

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