Planning a Kids Christmas Party

Planning a Kids Christmas Party

Are you Planning a Kids Christmas Party? There’s a lot to do if you are thinking in a Christmas Party. Invitations, Decorations, Activities, Snacks, Games, Music… So many details you have to take care! 

Planning a Kids Christmas Party – InvitationsPlanning a Kids Christmas Party today

The first thing you have to do when you are  Planning a Kids Christmas Party is invitations! Christmas Cards are great to invite your guests, mainly if the Cards are made by kids. Take a little time with the kids and make the invitations together. They are full of imagination, and then the Cards will be colourful and very entertaining. Trust!

Don’t worry if they are not perfect, it looks even better when we instantly saw that was a child doing them!

Planning a Kids Christmas Party – Crafts

Are you Planning a Kids Christmas Party
Kids crafts for Christmas
Decoration of the house is the next step you need to take! Take advantage of this pretext and connect even more to your children. You can make all the decorations with simple things that you already have at home. If the Christmas crafts were made by kids it will be even more beautiful. Beautiful, fun and really easy!
It’s perfect for the small ones and to the older kids too. Everybody loves to work on crafts projects. It exercises the brain and the physical and they just love it! Planning Kids Christmas Party
  1. Make some Paper Poinsettia – It’s easy and fun. Try it red, white or both.
  2. Felt Ornament – It’s super easy to do. You will just need Felt, scissors, a pencil, card stock paper and glue. Use your imagination!
  3. Christmas Wreath – All the children are able to do this. It’s quite easy and fun. You will be admired when you see what they can do.
  4. Planning a Kids PartyFelt Christmas Trees – you have a lot of options. Let the kids decide what to do. You don’t imagine how kids can do beautiful things, beside it stimulates their creativity.
  5. Pom-Pom Garland – Very easy and the kids will do it without difficulties. Then you can put them in your Christmas tree.  Planning a Kids Christmas
  6. Paper Ornaments – Use colourful paper, scissor, pencil and let the children’s imagination flow!
  7. Crafts with magazine – Have you ever thought give magazines, a scissor and glue. It will be great because all kids are able to do this!

Planning a Kids Christmas Party Activities

The Christmas holidays can be quite long especially if the children have nothing to do. Take the time to prepare some activities to do with children. As well as be able to distract your children will still make your party unforgettable.Kids Christmas Party

  • Try some Christmas Colouring Pages. The kids love to colour drawings. Grab some crayons, markers, colour pencils and let their creativity flow.
  • Christmas Games – Games and more games. Kids love to play all the time. Snowball Race or Gift Wrap Relay are examples of excellent games for them.
  • Christmas Treats – Make it with your kids. Take care if they are free of gluten or another item that can cause allergies like nuts.
  • Educational Activities – Books or games like Trivial for kids like Party&Company.

Planning a Kids Christmas Party: Decorations

Planning kids PartyIt’s not difficult to find the theme, isn’t it? Try to make it sweet! The children love candies so try to put it in your house decoration too.

  • Bows are always cute. Use them in your decoration.
  • Planning a kids Christmas Party nowPut the decorations your kids made in the walls, table, Christmas tree and lamps.
  • Balloons are always a good idea when you are Planning a Kids Christmas Party. 
  • Santa Claus is the king of the Christmas. Choose someone to be dressed like him and to distribute some bags with candies to the children.

Planning a Kids Christmas Party – SnacksChristmas Party

Please children are not a difficult task. They love sweets, then get to work. As it will be with immense children be careful and avoid using allergenic foods like gluten and nuts. Cannot miss:Planning Kids Party

  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Mini Pizzas
  • Mint Shake
  • Juice
  • Sandwiches
  • Candy Canes
  • Cake
Make them with Christmas images: Snowman, Snowflakes, Reindeers, Santa Claus, Gifts, Candy Canes and all the things that Christmas remember.

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