planning a birthday at Summer Holidays!

Organising a birthday during Summer Holidays

It can be hard work organising a birthday during Summer holidays, especially when your child isn´t in touch with his classmates and when you want to invite all his friends. What should we do with our plans for summer activities and our own summer holidays? And when many of us are away in holidays? Don’t forget to have a look at our posts about make your own birthday candles and 5 games for indoor birthday parties.

Some suggestions: what about having a party at a bowling lane? It can be fun and make the party especial.

Best Tips: Organising a Birthday during Summer Holidays


No matter the day when the date falls on, even if it is summer or another holiday. It is their day. So make memorable the actual day and make your child feel it more special.

Move the party date when Organising a birthday during Summer Holidays, it is ok about hold larger festivities when it will be fun and convenient for others. Like having a party on his birthday and another with his friends when it will be for all convenient! And it will make two parties but nothing more special for your organising a birthday during Summer Holidays!

With your child teacher permission, you can hold a party at the last day of the school year celebration! Not even your child will celebrate his party greater than that as he will really have a real party celebration will all his friends.

We bet no ones will miss it as it could be in the middle of the summer and he will enjoy just before summer vacations start.planning a birthday during Summer Holidays!

You can also pick the children from school and have a picnic under a shady tree and eat fruit kebobs and cupcakes, play tags in the field paint their faces, or take your sons and daughters to the beach and you´ll come home to a clean house! That´s the point.

It isn’t unusual, many parents already make their sons or daughter birthday party at the last day of school. All their friends’ won´t miss it. Everyone still is in town and kids love it and they are more de-stressed! And children’s get ok with this new arrangement! We bet!

Take advantage of the warm weather activities and of the outdoors when organising a birthday during Summer Holidays.planning a birthday at Summer Holidays!

You´ll have more opportunities of taking advantage of the warm weather! Summer is the ideal of having garden parties, spa parties, luau parties, barnyard parties and so on that need an outdoor venue. For boys, you can choose a sport´s theme such as football party, surf party, soccer party…so on.

The summer´s parties can also be inexpensive, you can hold at a backyard, make a barbeque, have a Dora/Diego party, make a garden theme, a bouncy party, water balloons, water guns, sprinklers, and so on.

What about renting a shelter nearby a lake when organising a birthday during Summer Holidays? You can decorate it with balloons and streamers. You can camp out!

Toast marshmallows; catch fireflies…so on…

You can work with your local stadium and play baseball! So fun! And eat a hot dog or pizza.

You can rent the local pool and have a pool party with goody bags and flip-flops.

Whatever you do it is the love you show the children that really matters when organising a birthday during Summer Holidays!

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