Modelling funny animal balloons for kid’s party

Modelling funny animal balloons for kid’s party is a great way to keep kids entertained during the whole party. If you want to have these animal balloons at your party and don’t know how to deal with it, the best option is to hire children’s party entertainers. If you want to make it, check how you can perform great balloon modelling to make your party unforgettable! Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as top 10 prizes to get at a kids party and birthday activities for boys and girls. Now, let’s work and model some balloons! 

Balloon Modelling is guaranteed fun at a party and guarantees everyone a pleasurable activity of the who does it, and the receiver. Here’s how to make some fun animals with balloons with our step by step. Check how you will love being Modelling funny animal balloons for kid’s party. 

Modelling funny animal balloons for kid’s party: Step by Step


Do you want your party to be unforgettable? Modelling funny animal balloons for kid’s party is the best option. Check our step by step! modelling-funny-animal-balloons-for-kids-party-diy


Materials we need:

– Balloon Pump
– 2 straw balloons (260), one black and one orange or yellow.

  1. First, cut the yellow balloon exactly in half. This balloon will be the base of the head and body.
  2. Then inflate the yellow balloon to remain a bit at the end, so it is the sting of the bee.
  3. Now inflate the black balloon up two fingers left over. Join the tips.
  4. With these tips, find the middle, and with that part twist to get the pair of bee wings.
  5. Take again the yellow balloon, make a ball 3 to 4 fingers from the node, and twist two to three times. You get the head and the body of the bee.
  6. Now join the pair of wings between the head and the body.
  7. Finally, paint the bee face and make the risks to simulate the body of the bee.

Do not you think Modelling funny animal balloons for kid’s party is great? Check some more! modelling-funny-animal-balloons-for-kids-parties


Materials we need:

– Pump to inflate balloons.
– Two balloons tube (260) different colors.

  1. First, inflate one of the balloons , leaving 3 to 4 fingers to reach the final. Then release a little air to make it easier to model.
  2. Make the first ball about 5 to 6 fingers after the knot, and twist 3 or 4 times to stay tied. Here is the head of the snail.
  3. Make another two balls with around 2 or 3 fingers. These must be twisted together in order to form the feet of the snail.
  4. See more or less where is the middle of the balloon left, and twist to the cocoon. This twist will unite with the feet of the snail.
  5. Wrap inside the circle that made the rest of the balloon and the cocoon is ready!
  6. To make the antennas inflate the balloon to the other half. Tighten the balloon inflated until the part you come to the middle of the balloon.
  7. Find the middle of the balloon, and divide into two equal parts, left one tail on either side, of equal size.
  8. Now just join antenna with the body of the snail. To do this, calculate roughly the center of the ball of the snail’s head, Hold the antennas and twist the antenna so that not to release.

Hope you enjoy Modelling funny animal balloons for kid’s party! 

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