Kids Superhero Parties batman

Kids Superhero Parties

Planning Kids Superhero Parties is simply the best way to get kid’s smiles. Mainly boys have passion for super heroes, no matter who they are. From Superman to the Incredible Hulk you can choose anyone. I’m sure all of the guest will love your party!

Ideas for Kids Superhero Parties

Are you planning a Superhero party for your kid? Well, prepare yourself to use your super powers! Let’s see some good ideas for Kids Superhero Parties.

Characters for Kids Superhero Parties

First of all you need to choose the character that will be in the centre of your party. Let’s see some of them:

SUPERMANKids Superhero Parties superman

All kids adore him. In fact he stole your little boy’s heart at the first time and he never forget his favourite superhero.

  • When you are decorating your house you cannot forget to put this superhero symbol everywhere.
  • You can use some old newspapers and comics pages too. It’s so vintage and also original!
  • You can buy a Superman banner or you can made one with his name. Let’s the party begins!
  • Buy some Superman’s supplies. You can find them in many Parties Stores. From cups and plates to posters and costumes you can make your party into a real superhero’s story.
  • Don’t forget birthday cake. It’s always the highlight of every parties and you must not run away from the theme. Try to put superman figure in it, or maybe a comic page of his story!

SPIDERMANKids Superhero Parties spiderman

 What boy doesn’t like him? His super powers and his fighting against evil enchanted all kids (and here where nobody’s listening to us, we fallen in love with him too!). So let’s start decorating our houses with a lot of spiders! It will be the best Kids Superhero Parties you ever seen!

  • You can buy many Spiderman’s supplies to your Kids Superhero Parties. You can find everything you will need in stores for the purpose such as towels, plates, cups, banners, balloons, and a lot of decoration supplies.
  • You must use a lot of spiders and spider-webs.
  • Costumes? Have I heard costumes? YEAH! Kids will love to seem just like their favourite superhero character.
  • Buy some Superman’s paper bags with some candies to give to your little guests at the end of the party.

The Incredible HulkKids Superhero Parties hulk

Another superhero that all kids follow. Green, a lot of green! Put a lot of framed prints all over the place and I’m sure your Kids Superhero Parties will be FANTASTIC!

  • Make some green juice (green apple juice is a great choice) and green cupcakes. You can do it using some green colouring at your food.
  • Place a big Hulk banner at the entry to attend the theme of your party.
  • You can buy your party supplies or you can adorn them with the Incredible Hulk face labels.
  • Make a birthday cake covered with green marzipan and decorated with Hulk face.

BATMAN Kids Superhero Parties batman

If your little one likes this character prepare yourself to have a lot of bats all over the place. You also need to decorate your house with black, white and grey and try to make your house seems Batman’s place!

  • Make some cupcakes decorated with black lightnings. You can also put some little bats on top too.
  • You can make your cake with Chantilly and you can put a Bat on top of it.
  • Do you ever thought about having a backdrop to your birthday table? Such a great idea!
  • You can also make some bat and lightning garlands to decorate your living room.
  • Buy batman’s masks to give to your guests. It will be amusing!

Invitations for Kids Superhero Parties

All parties begin with beautiful invitations. You mustn’t forget the theme of your Kids Superhero Parties so make your invitations according to it.

  • Personalize all invitations.
  • Originality is the key for success.
  • Use the colours of your chosen superhero to make the invitations.

Food for Kids Superhero Parties

The food is very important when we are planning a party, especially for kids.

  • Use your superhero’s colours for things like a candy buffet, jello, drinks, and cake.
  • Hero sandwiches are great! You can also make superhero home-made pizza.
  • Use colour-coordinated food containers to keep the theme consistent throughout.

Activities for Kids Superhero Parties 

Having fun is the most important in your kids party, so let’s start thinking about some games and activities to make your party memorable!

  • Always use your hero to inspire all games.
  • Superheroes capes and masks cannot miss.
  • Organize a superhero training session such as target practice or jumping competition.
  • What about trivial? This game is a classic one. Make your own questions about your Superhero and add a simple prize to the winner.

Now you can start planning all your party. You have all informations you need to make it unforgettable. But don’t forget; always use your imagination and you will have the greater Kids Superhero Parties ever!

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