How to make a great treasure hunt for kids

Do you want to know how to make a great treasure hunt for kids? Your kid’s birthday party is coming and do not you know how to entertain the little ones? Check our tips and have fun for a long, long time! I suggest you have a look at our previous posts too, such as modelling funny animal balloons for kid’s party and birthday activities for boys and girls. They are great! 

A treasure hunt is always a good option to keep kids entertained during a party. In fact, every child loves to search for clues looking for the treasure. So, in this post, we are going to show you how to make a great treasure hunt for kids.

How to make a great treasure hunt for kids – Step by Step


First of all, I must confess that takes a little work to do all the tracks, but the end justifies the means, and no doubt the result pays off. This is a fantastic game and all kids like, especially those with seven years old or more.

The idea is to match with the children so that they find the treasure somewhere in the house but they will have to decipher clues that will lead to the local of treasure.

Let’s see how to make a great treasure hunt for

Hunting words

This is the first clue. The idea is that each clue gives an indication of where will be the next until it’s time to find the treasure. You have chosen, for example, the phone. So, make a hunting word where you put the letters forming the word phone, and then fill the other spaces with letters that form another word, for example, love.

Then we would have a line like:

“Cutting all the letters
Which form the word, Love
you will find the right word
with the ones left “

Telephone lyrics

When children come to the phone, find another clue with a sequence of numbers, and each number corresponds to a letter. Use the letters that are on top of the mobile phone to explain to children. Suppose we want to use the Exchanger word. Then we would have the numbers 39242637.

Decipher the words

Imagine that there is a place with more than one word. In this case, you can use synonyms of words to decipher them, and can help giving tips with squares, or say how many letters the words to make a great treasure hunt for kids step-by-step


If you want to know how to make a great treasure hunt for kids, then you can not forget to include charades in your clues. For example, imagine that you have a clue in the freezer. Make a charade with something like this: “You like Frozen movie? Follow it!”. Imagine you had a clue to the television, then you could have something like “Are you alone? I make you company.”

Follow our ideas and I am sure your party will be a huge success among the kids. Now you already know how to make a great treasure hunt for kids!

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