Frozen themed

Frozen themed children’s parties

Frozen themed children’s parties are the latest hit among children and adults. The film premiered in 2013 and left the community of parents and children delighted and surrendered to this fascinating story. An eternal winter accidentally caused by Queen Elsa becomes the most exciting story in recent years of the walt disney productions.

Some ideas for Frozen themed children’s parties

Your child would love to feel the ice kingdom of Princess Elsa. Of course you will not put the air conditioning freezing, but you can still make them feel it. Take a look on the ideas we give you and make a Frozen themed children’s parties:

  • Frozen themed children'sUse and abuse of snowflakes – You can put them in Pretzel sticks, little blue sugar snowflakes in popcorns, cakes, plates or towels.
  • Frozen marshmallows – Place a marshmallow on a stick candy. After colour sugar with blue, white and purple colours because they are the colours that recall cold weather. Melt some marshmallow and paste the coloured sugar. Kids will love it!

More Frozen themed children’s parties

OlafFrozen themed

Olaf is the snowman who befriends Elsa and her sister Anna. This is one of the most important characters in the story, and perhaps the favourite among kids. Make biscuits with his face and put them on the table several Olaf’s, buy snow globes with Olaf and spread them at your house, give your guests pencils or pens with Olaf. Whenever they are doing their homework they will remember your Frozen themed children’s parties.

Frozen Jello

How about putting ice cubes on the table? Easy! Use sheets of jello, sugar, lemon sodium carbonate and blue flavour jello (as Berry Blue). Once made the jello cut into cubes and organize them on the plates around the table. You will see how they look wonderful!

Frozen Snacks

 The Frozen colours are definitely blue, purple and white. Mix blue and white sweets in small plates with the usual snacks to recreate the Frozen theme colours (like York Peppermint blue & white minis).

Frozen themed chidren's partyFrozen decoration

Choose blue and white to decorate your house. Place images of the characters in small flags scattered around the house, balloons, glasses and plates. It will be the Frozen Castle, I have any doubt, and all kids will love to feel on it! Really Frozen…

Frozen Invitations 

Prepare your invitations rigorously and make your guests feel like they are part of the story even before the party started! Get them blue and white and put on them some little figures of Frozen movie.


Do you know that artificial snow? Spread it all over the house, the furniture, buckets, pots, plants … you will make your birthday party directly linked to the Frozen theme. And what kind of kid doesn’t like snow? Well, I guess none… So don’t worry and spread it all over the place… Even in your dinning table if you want!

Use your imagination. Play games that kids enjoy, such as snowball battles or a cooking workshop full of characters from Frozen and put the soundtrack of the film playing during the Frozen themed children’s parties.

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