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Frozen Themed Birthday Parties

There are any better than Frozen themed parties? Yes, Frozen Themed Birthday Parties! Apart from Superheroes and Harry Potter parties, the Frozen one is the favourite of the kids. So, if your little one is doing his birthday soon, think about this themed party. He will love it! For now, let’s take a look at some ideas to make your birthday party unforgettable! 

Let’s do it for parts! First of all, we need to think about the party decoration. Then we need to look carefully to your party catering, and finally to your party entertainment.

Frozen Themed Birthday Parties: Decoration

What can’t be missing in your Frozen Themed Birthday Parties are the Elsa and Anna characters, so do not forget to include them in your decoration.

Olaf is one of the main characters of Frozen Walt Disney Movie and kids love this fun Snowman. So, don’t forget him either. frozen themed birthday parties characters

The predominant colours are blue, white, pink and lilac, so if you want to focus on with Olaf the snowman, use blue, white and orange. If you want to make the focus on the sisters, use the colors of their dresses, pink and lilac.

Use many colourful balloons, and you can also make pom poms crepe paper.
You can reuse the Christmas lights and use them as part of the main table decoration.frozen themed birthday parties snow

You can also use rock salt in the decoration, it looks like snow and it’s cheap. And is there anything that children like most than to play in the snow?

You can use carrots as part of the decoration in the case to focus your decorating on Olaf Snowman. You can place them on your cake table! Beautiful and fun!

Frozen Themed Birthday Parties: Catering

To make your Frozen Themed Birthday Parties even great, take a look at these tips and ideas for your kids birthday party food!

You can use marshmallows to replicate ice cubes. Children love eating marshmallows and they have the colours you need.

You can serve blue jello cut into pieces to look like ice cubes. To look better, try blue and purple jello and mix the squares of the two colours. It gives a beautiful visual effect.frozen themed birthday parties bday cake

You can order your birthday cake in your pastry and ask them to follow the theme of the party. If you have no money to buy the cake out, try yourself with a fondant cover, and then put beautiful snowflakes on top of it.

You can still serve carrots cupcake, fruit, baby carrots, ice cream, popsicle, popcorn, jello, pop cakes and sugary cookies. Try to use all the party theme colors.

Frozen Themed Birthday Parties: Activities

Your Frozen Themed Birthday Parties, to be awesome, need to have some good activities.

And what about your little guest do Olaf the Snowman? It would be just outstanding, right?

You’ll need:

– Styrofoam Balls;
– Black Polka Dot;
– Plastic Bottle with lid;
– Glitter (silver and blue);
– Little arms of stick (thin wood Little Pieces work);
– For the nose, it can be done with styrofoam (cut into triangular shape and orange paint imitating a nose carrot);
– Plastic eyes (can be made with material purchased in stationery);
– Water.

So, let’s make your Frozen Themed Birthday Parties frozen themed birthday parties Olafamazing! Put the Styrofoam balls and the black ones in the bottle, then put his little arms of the stick too; the nose; the plastic eyes; and finally put the glitter in the bottle. Then fill it with water and close well. Now just shake the bottle and watch the snow storm appears along with the parts of Olaf’s body!

Did you like our ideas? I can assure you that won’t be another party so brilliant as yours. So, get to work and give Frozen themed Birthday Parties memorable!

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