birthday costume for parents

Birthday costumes for parents

Are you looking for birthday costumes for parents? In this post, you find great ideas to become funny for your kid’s party. Also, have a look at some of our previous posts, such as top 10 prizes to get at a kids party and birthday activities for boys and girls. I am sure you will find some excellent ideas! 

So your birthday party is coming up and lately, all you do is setup costume parties for your kids?

Now it’s your turn, don’t you think? Everyone loves a costume party, a chance to be someone else for a few hours, a chance to be free in someone else’s skin, and a costume party gives you exactly that.

Best Birthday Costumes for Parents


But, as much as you would love to dress up as a creepy vampire or a werewolf, you can’t. It’s sad but reality But there are many other costumes you can wear in front of your kids that are pretty fun as well, and not as shocking as the examples I just gave you.

So let’s see what birthday costumes for parents I can think of for you, shall we?best birthday costumes for parents

  • You can dress up as a barbie doll, admit it, you want to! You do! Even if you are a male, you know you want to, it’s fun, I tried it, it’s hilarious!
  • If the previous idea didn’t please you, why not dress up as an old lady/man? It’s also fun and not as complicated to pull of as a barbie doll.
  • One of my personal favourite birthday costumes for parents is a pirate, like Captain Jack Sparrow. The challenge is big, but it is so worth it, and with the power of makeup you will look just like him, even if you are a girl.
  • If pirates are not your thing, why not play a donzel in distress? Like Elizabeth Swan from the same film, Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • If you are still reading this, I was not able to satisfy your needs yet, so why not try a cute and adorable cat? Cats are in this year, and every year! Your kids will love it!birthday costume for parents
  • But maybe you’re a dog person, so a puppy might be the one of the perfect birthday costumes for parents.
  • If you always dreamt of being a doctor, you might as well dress up like one, or any other professional activity you are into.
  • You can also dress up as your daughter or son! That is so much fun, to match your little angels, and they find it very funny and just do it because you will have a great time.
  • If you don’t really want to do it, why not dress up as the beautiful human being you are? Exactly what you read. You are the most beautiful person on earth to someone, and that someone (your kids too but…) should be yourself.


So no makeup today, no funky hairstyles, just be who you are because that is the best birthday costumes for parents.

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