Birthday activities for kids

Birthday activities for boys and girls

If you need ideas for Birthday activities for boys and girls, you certainly need to have a look at this post. Find the best birthday activities and ensure all boys and girls have lots of fun in your party. I am sure they all will love our ideas. Also, have a look at our previous posts about preparing yummy sandwiches for a kids party and organising a birthday during Summer Holidays. You can get great ideas in them too. 

Birthday parties are the most important dates for the kids. They wait all year just for two days. The first is the birthday, and the second is Christmas. Therefore, we have to do everything for them to have fun as much as possible. Let’s see then some Birthday activities for boys and girls.

Best Birthday activities for boys and girls

There are some activities that all children enjoy, whether boys or girls. You must have attention to the age of children. If they are too small, then you should choose milder activities, and if you give a party for teenagers, should opt for animated activities like challenges and competitions.

Let’s look at some of the best Birthday activities for boys and girls.Birthday activities for kids

Little boys and girls

For small children up to 6 years, you can choose to distribute some paper and coloured pencils. Children love to paint. How about challenge them to make a card for the birthday child?

You can also buy some easels and canvases, as well as some gouaches, paints, and brushes, and ask them to paint a picture to give as a gift.

If you think they like crafts, you can buy those birds houses of wooden, and ask them to draw and paint. It will be lovely.

Another idea is to make a storytelling session. There is no child who does not like a good story!Birthday activities boys and girls

Children aged 6-13

For children between these ages have a lot of activities, both for girls and for boys. Since musical chairs, scavenger hunt, shoot balls at a target, dance competitions, teaching choreography, among many others.

Some of the activities that have made a huge success with children these ages are face painting and balloon modeling.

Children love having their faces painted, so it’s a good idea to hire a face painter, or else buy skin-friendly paints, some brushes, and sponges and learn some face painting designs. best Birthday activities for boys and girls


For teenagers, you can always opt for some of these Birthday activities for boys and girls.

Sports competitions are great for birthday party liveliest. For example, make a circuit with race bags, shooting, pulling the rope, and other activities. You can divide into teams, or let them compete individually.

Do not forget to prepare a prize for the winning elements.

You can also offer a magic show. There are some magicians who are experts in making entertainment of teenager parties. They will know what the best tricks to present, and know perfectly how to keep the adolescents truly fun.

So, what do you think about these Birthday activities for boys and girls? Let us know! 

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