best 5 games for indoor Birthday party

5 games for indoor Birthday parties

Take a look at the best 5 games for indoor Birthday parties! Choose the best games for a birthday party is crucial for your party be a success. When we have outdoor spaces available , everything becomes easier. But when we have to restrict ourselves to the space inside the house, or in a room, eventually fail us some ideas. That’s why we are here today! To tell you the best indoor games for birthday parties. 

Anywhere you look for birthday games, you will find activities to do in the garden, such as hunting treasure, or race bags, and things like that.

But know that there are a lot of fun games you can do indoors. See the best 5 games for indoor Birthday parties.


Best 5 games for indoor Birthday parties


Have you dreamed of a fun party? Are you out of ideas for the games of your birthday party? Now you do not have to worry about it because we select the best 5 games for indoor Birthday parties.

best 5 games for indoor Birthday parties


This game can be fun, especially if you have a reasonable number of children to play. The kids love to play guessing mimicry, and make others guess too!

Put into papers words with objects, movie characters, songs, or other things you find fun.
Divide the children into two teams.

First, select the team to start playing. They choose a kid who will take a paper with what you previously wrote, and he will try to make his team guess. If they guess win 1 point. If they do not guess, the opposing team can try to guess too, earning them the point.

The same applies to the opposing team. Wins who obtains more points when they have finished the papers.


Place two white cardboard on the wall or on an easel. Draw a circle in each, or oval.

Again you will divide the children into two teams. Ask them to form two lines, one on each cardboard.

When you give the starting signal, the first child in line runs to the cardboard and paints a face characteristic (eye, eyebrow, lip, nose, and so on). Once he has drawn, runs to the next child in line, passing the marker, and this one will do exactly the same.

Wins the team who finish the face first. I can assure you this is one of the funniest 5 games for indoor Birthday parties.


This game is very fun. You put the children sitting next to each other forming a line. You will be at one end and say a phrase to the child who is at your side (to ear). This child says what he understood to the kid who is on his side, and so on until we reach the last child, who will say the phrase aloud. You will laugh a lot with sentences that you are going to hear!

best 5 games for indoor Birthday party


You can do a workshop in your kitchen too! Make available a cupcake for each child, as well as items that they can use in the decoration.

You will be impressed by the talent of these children!


The last of our 5 games for indoor Birthday parties. Join all children. The goal is to create a new story, with pieces of each child. How to make this fun?

Take a blank page you start to write the first sentence of the story. Pass the page to the child next to you. He writes another sentence, but this time, he will fold the paper so that anyone else see your sentence (only the sentence he wrote ). The next child writes one more sentence, folding the previous child sentence, and so on.

It will be a super funny story!

Did you like these games? I am sure all kids will love to play them, more than the traditional outdoors games! Don’t forget to include the 5 games for indoor Birthday parties in your party!

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