3 year old kids birthday parties ideas

3 year old kids birthday parties

Do you need some ideas for your 3 year old kids birthday parties? We have some great ones to give you! Well, start thinking about a lovely dinosaur themed party! Do you imagine how cute it can be? But wait! We have many other ideas for you! Don’t you know how to organise a kids birthday party? We are going to tell you everything about it. Have a look! 

The birthdays of our children is always a good reason to celebrate, right? After all, they are the most precious thing in our life, and that’s more than enough reason to make a little party unforgettable!

How to organize 3 year old kids birthday parties


To organize 3 year old kids birthday parties you need to look to so many details! For your party be a success without this spend a fortune, here are some useful tips. best 3 year old kids birthday parties ideas

First of all, choose the THEME of your party. There is always a favourite character or theme that your child particularly like. Do not forget to include them in your party as well. Your little one will love it, and if he wants, let him dress up. Let him participate in party planning, he will feel participative and enthusiastic!

As your child is still small, you do not need to hire an expert in DECORATION to make a beautiful party! Buy colourful balloons that match with the theme you have chosen. Use serpentines to give a special touch to the environment of your home as well. You can also spread the puppets relating to the theme all over the house. He’ll love it!3 year old kids birthday parties ideas

The TABLE DECORATION for the 3 year old kids birthday parties is very important. However, if you want to save some money use paper towels as well as opt for simple dishes and napkins (not printed) that are much cheaper. You can also put colourful hats for each guest at the table. It will be very funny! Do not forget to make a beautiful cake!

As for FOOD, you don’t need to worry. 3 years kids are not very hard to please, so you can do all the menu at home. Make some snacks and some dishes they like. Do not forget to take the carpets or blankets out. They can stain them.

The most important thing for children is to have fun, so you have to think about the ENTERTAINMENT of your party. If you have a garden or terrace is the ideal. They love to play outdoors (running, jumping, or even dig!). Also do not forget the classic games. Instead of hiring someone ask your sister, mother, or friend who is skillful to paint faces, for example.

In the end of the party give party favors to your guests. It might be a bag of candies. They will love it. Always use your imagination. You can do beautiful things using simple objects. Surely your 3 year old kids birthday parties will be just great!

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